Packages are built in the openSUSE Build Service for a variety of Linux distributions. You can find all of the packages in home:/mbarringer or use the "1 Click Install" links to automate the process a bit. Not all packages are tested on all distributions for each version, so if a package doesn't work for you, let us know.


You can find the latest Windows installer at Sourceforge. It should run on XP, Vista, and Windows 7.


A disk image for OS X is available at Sourceforge. It has been tested on 10.5 and 10.6.


You can browse the source code here, or if you want to download the code, you have two options:
  • Download a tarball
  • Get the latest code with git clone (keep in mind that the master branch may not be stable!)
To compile, run qmake followed by make. You'll need Qt >= 4.6.